Your morning routine could change everything

By Kaylee Utterback

What makes a good morning versus a bad one? Something different probably comes to mind for everyone but most can relate that rushing around and forgetting things never makes for the greatest morning. To some, rushing around may be an exhilarating morning vibe and, if that’s you, I applaud you! I am the complete opposite, my most productive days normally stem from a good morning. I love waking up before class or work (although, it doesn’t always happen) with some “me” time and time to line up my day. They say what you do within the first 10 minutes of awakening can predict the rest of your day. Think on this. If you struggle with this just as I do some days, here’s a list of helpful tips to get your mornings back on track…

Fix that sleep schedule: Posting this in the summer is terrible timing because it can seem almost unrealistic to have a good sleep schedule during these months… like who cares? This is always my mindset until my face breaks out and I turn into the b*tch with an attitude by 2:00 p.m. Sleep is not only crucial to our physical well-being but our mental health as well. Going to bed close to the same time every night and setting an alarm for the same time every morning is proven to increase productivity and also keep our minds in a healthy state throughout the day. Let’s all work on this one LOL.

Meditate: First, download Headspace. Meditation has a million benefits that you can search on Google and read at your own leisure. Anxiety and just regular stressors can often leave us waking up in a frenzy of racing thoughts. I began meditating every morning for only 5 minutes this past year and I wouldn’t say it had instant results but as the days went on I realized my anxious thoughts slowly disappeared. Meditation helps you grasp the control of your own thoughts. The practice reminds us that a thought is only a thought and we can always choose to release it.

Make breakfast a priority: It doesn’t have to be anything that takes long, shoot for a little protein whether it’s eggs or a shake. I also always try to get a fruit and probiotic yogurt in each morning. A healthy breakfast can make you feel like you’ve got a hold on your day first thing in the morning, it’ll also help with digestion throughout the day!

Read or listen to a short motivational clip: If you have time, read a short motivational quote or excerpt each morning that feeds your mind and sets you on the right track to get productive. If you aren’t in a huge rush or can wear headphones on your morning commute, a podcast can also get the job done!

Give yourself a minute: And finally, give yourself a minute before rushing out the door to just sit down and get your mind right over coffee or tea. This one is definitely not necessary but for some it’s a must.

Find the routine that works for you and stick with it!

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