Staying Together While Staying Apart

By Karci Feldner

As a result of COVID-19, student life at Ohio State does not look like what it used to. With nearly all university business taking place virtually and limited options for leisure activity, students rarely get the chance to socialize in person. Student organization meetings, football games and concerts have been replaced with zoom calls, COVID-19 tests and six-foot-distanced conversations. Isolation can have a detrimental impact on mental health, so it is important to stay connected to your peers, even if it must be done virtually. 

There are several apps that can help you to socialize from home. Listed below are three unique options:

  1. Houseparty 

Houseparty is not your average video chat app. It allows users to create unique backgrounds and play games (like UNO) as a group. It even notifies friends when you’re in the app, letting them know that you are available for a call. 

  1. Rave

Rave is an app that provides a theater-like experience by allowing you to enjoy movies and TV shows with your friends. Rave supports the use of Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and more. While watching, friends can send both text and voice messages in the chat. 

  1. Bunch 

Bunch Group Video Chat and Games provides a platform for users to video chat with friends while also enjoying competitive games, such as pool, trivia, and draw parties. This app supports up to eight users and mimics the feeling of a pre-COVID house party. 

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