Why Join PRSSA?

If you’re contemplating whether PRSSA is the right organization for you, you probably have a lot of questions. So, our executive board answered some of our most frequently asked questions to help you decide if you should join PRSSA! (You should.) If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to any of our board members, and they would be happy to chat more!

What have you gained from PRSSA?

I have gained a community of communications students so every time I go to class I see someone I know. I gained experience through internships I found through the internship opps emails. I met amazing professionals and built a solid network made of peers and seasoned professionals that I will carry into my career. Lastly, I developed a ton of incredible experiences from every meeting I attended, being a part of our student-run firm, working on the executive board and traveling to places like New York City, San Diego and Austin, Texas. – Ally Williams, President

I’m a Freshman. Is it too early to join?

Definitely not! I joined as a freshman, and I am so thankful I did! I feel that because I joined so early, I was able to get a head start. PRSSA was really helpful during my freshman year in making me feel secure in my major choice, since you’re only taking intro level courses at that point. -Madi Wojtowicz, Alumni Relations Director

I’m a senior. Is it too late to join?

Absolutely not. I joined last year as a junior and I still received so many opportunities. I was on a subcommittee, I went to NYC, I got a mentor through our mentorship program and connected with some amazing professionals all in one year. If you put effort into PRSSA, PRSSA will give back! – Sarah Fitch, Public Relations Director

How do I get the most out of my experience within PRSSA?

We live by the philosophy that you get out of it what you put in. If you want a community of PRSSA members, reach out to other new members, executive board members or attend our social meetings. If you want an amazing network, join our mentorship program, attend our networking events or join a subcommittee that works with professionals and alumni like our Social planning committee or our alumni relations committee. Lastly, if you want leadership and incredible experience to take into your career, check out our internship database to get experience, write for our blog or run for exec board. I have completely reaped the benefits of PRSSA and come out a better PR professional because of it and I was able to get these benefits because year after year I put more and more into the organization. – Ally Williams, President

What is your favorite part of being in this organization?

My favorite part of being in PRSSA is the amounts of opportunities that you get through the speakers and the various connections you make in the long run! Also, the fact of even being in this org opens so many doors for a student interested in marketing, PR, or communication! – Wedly Cazy, Financial Director

What kind of topics do speakers cover?

Speakers cover a wide range of topics, from small business owners and marketing, to PR work itself and so much more. We have had professional mixers for network building, meetings that focus on how to build up your professional skills, along with practical things like updating your resume. On top of that, speakers are all so willing to connect with you outside of PRSSA if you want to learn more about their career! – Sarah Lightle, Historian

I’m not a communication major. Can I still join PRSSA?

Of course! Currently, we have members majoring in marketing, journalism, fashion, and more! Our speakers cover so many different industries and topics, not just PR specific things. -Madi Wojtowicz, Alumni Relations Director

How much time will I have to invest in this organization?

PRSSA has weekly meetings for an hour every Wednesday at 6. So you can expect at least a weekly hour time commitment. The rest is up to you though if you decided to get more involved (which I strongly recommend you do! It’s a great club with even greater people). – Emma Rodrigo, Member Relations Director

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