How to Keep Up Motivation With the Finals Grind

By: Caroline Ingraham

Binge-watching TikToks again? For me, with finals usually comes a wave of procrastination. Feeling overwhelmed and burn-out seems ubiquitous this time of year. With the finals season workload, how can we find the motivation to juggle it all? Here are a some ideas:

Build a toolbox. Compile things you know make you happy somewhere easily accessible such as into Google Drive folder or the Notes app on your phone. These can be pictures of pets, friends, and even YouTube videos that bring you joy. Your toolbox can be a resource for you to refer to when you face challenges as a reminder of your reasons why you are studying. 

Add variety. I used to listen to the same Spotify songs every day before class. While it’s good to have favorites, try to shake things up to gain perspective. Ask around for song recs or (if you’re brave) shuffle a random genre. Outside of music, walk a different way to class or order a new type of coffee. While these aren’t fundamental life changes, they can decrease the monotony of everyday studying and make it easier to approach bigger, calculated risks. Additionally, studies have shown that breaking up routines can decrease your risk of dementia. Read more hereSun Face - Circle Clipart (797x758), Png Download

Declutter. If there are belongings like old notes or receipts that you haven’t looked at in months but are in your way—toss ‘em! This tip is my go-to after any particularly stressful day as there is something inherently cathartic about organizing. Even digitally organizing, such as getting rid of old files on your computer or uninstalling old phone apps, can help to get your priorities straight. Go slow and focus on keeping only the items you value.

Slow down. Easier said than done, slowing down in life can be more than taking a nap. While sometimes it feels like there isn’t time for rest, even on-the-go, try to find little ways to appreciate the world. This can be as simple as noticing the sunset on that sprint to your next class or just turning off the phone when waiting for a lecture to begin. Look for times throughout the day where you can take a breath rather than needing to be busy. 

Keep exploring ways to spark your joy and remember that little decisions can make all the difference in study motivation. Best wishes and go Bucks! 

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