How to be a Balanced Buckeye:

By: Karissa Eisinger, Jessica Kaplan, Brooke Litherland, Rachal Darner, Emma Wolf, Taylor May, Emily Cohen, Renata Chavez Garcia, Marissa Martin, Caroline Ingraham, Carrie White

One of the most thrilling aspects of moving away from home for the first time is the ability to be in charge of your own eating habits. That said, these habits sometimes take a turn for the worse with endless options around campus all hours of the day. It can be difficult to eat properly while in college, especially if you live on campus. A school food plan might be beneficial, but you must be deliberate in avoiding unhealthy selections such as all-you-can-eat soft serve ice cream or unlimited french fries. Continue reading for some healthier alternatives to help maintain a well-balanced diet! 

Waterman Farms

Did you know Ohio State has a 261-acre farm located right on campus? Waterman Farms has a large garden to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs. At the farm, students can learn how to grow their own crops which they can harvest and use in new recipes. Waterman Farms gives students hands-on instruction for planting, caring for and harvesting their vegetables and fruits. You can take the skills you learn at Waterman Farms and even grow your own vegetables in your dorm room! 


If you are not interested in growing your own food, you can still take advantage of the healthy options all around campus. Switching out your regular noodles for a serving of zoodles is a great way to eat your favorite pasta dish and your vegetables. Zoodles are long pieces of zucchini that resemble spaghetti pasta. However, paired with your pasta sauce of choice, zoodles lower the calorie count of your meal while also providing other nutrients not found in flour-based pasta. Zoodles are also a good swap for people with dietary allergies or who simply want to lower their carb consumption. You can find zoodles on campus at Traditions at Scott.

Smoothie over milkshake:

Though it can be tempting to order a milkshake from Sloopy’s or Mirror Lake every day, these drinks contain loads of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Instead, try a fruit smoothie at Juice 2! Located right inside the RPAC, Juice 2 offers many different smoothie options, including flavors such as Mango Peach, Strawberry Banana and Berry Blast. Whether you just finished an intense workout or need a refreshing drink after class, Juice 2 is the perfect place to go. 

All you can eat but make it healthy! 

Eating the same fried foods on campus can not only get repetitive but can be unhealthy. At Ohio State, the Scott dining hall has so many options it can be hard to find healthy foods that are also delicious. However, I am here to help you navigate through the struggles of healthy college eating. Scott offers an amazing Salmon that you can substitute for any of those fried foods you were previously eating. You can pair the salmon with anything like a salad and some grains. Salmon is one of the most nutritious foods you can find and can help you break poor eating habits. 

Swap your hamburger for a turkey or veggie burger

Trying to find healthy food options on campus can be tough and challenging. If you are trying to make healthier food choices, an easy way is to try a veggie or a turkey burger instead of getting a hamburger. Turkey burgers are typically made with less saturated fats when compared to beef, making them a healthier option. Different restaurants and dining halls around campus offer options like Sloopy’s diner, Oxleys by the numbers and Scott dining hall, making this healthy option easily accessible. 

Sugar-free coffee

Coffee and college students are a match made in heaven, but it’s no secret that popular coffee pairings are high in calories and added sugar. I fear the person who tries to stand between me and my daily coffee, so in both of our best interests, here are some ways you can make your daily dose of caffeine healthier!

The cafés at Ohio State, like Berry Cafe and Espress OH, provide many options to help you make better choices for your coffee. You can choose from various sugar-free syrups, including vanilla, caramel and hazelnut. Now we can all get our fix without worry! 

Next time you’re craving a healthy treat or meal, know that the on-campus dining eateries have you covered. Whether it’s getting a smoothie at Juice 2 or swapping a burger for a plant-based burger or turkey burger at Sloopy’s, eating healthy doesn’t have to be a hassle or expensive because when you’re eating good, you’re feeling good!

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