7 Ways to Balance Your Social & Professional Life 

By Nigel Becker What does your schedule look like? Maybe it features strictly classes, studying, club meetings and an internship. Or maybe your schedule looks like a seven-day weekend full of rest, relaxation and minimal studying.  If your schedule is identical to one of those two, then you have a problem. College is about balancingContinue reading 7 Ways to Balance Your Social & Professional Life “

Agency vs. In-house: What’s the Difference? 

By: Jane Parry, Meimei Tannehill, Alexa Abramovitch, Kobie Parrish, Kate Harrison, Caitlin Leib, Zoe Fields, Emma Brodbar, Grady Libertini, Isa Renteria, Lucas Tan Entering the world of public relations can often be overwhelming. With so many career paths, how do you know where to start? Often the first decision you’ll have to make is betweenContinue reading Agency vs. In-house: What’s the Difference? 

The Hidden Gems of OSU

By: Lauren Bulkley, Megan McMahan, Lily Zouber, Adri Thomas, Rodrigo Mayet-Velasco, Katie Monsignori, Malachi Brooks, Arati Chapagai, Jolie Seir, Maggie Angiulo The instability of the pandemic has drastically changed the way students and teachers have had to navigate campus life. Zoom fatigue is real, and having a place where you can go to complete yourContinue reading “The Hidden Gems of OSU”

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