Welcome to The PRactice, Ohio State’s student-run PR agency. Managed by communications students and future professionals.

Our goals are simple. We wish to foster creativity, professionalism, and learning within our firm of over 70 students through the grit of hands-on PR experience. Simultaneously, we use the skills and resources available to us (as students within one of the top communications programs in the country) to provide our clients with innovative and targeted PR solutions.

To work with us, send us an email to start the conversation. To see our agency in action, visit our Instagram and LinkedIn pages.


CEO, Tori Reginelli


Our CEO, Tori Reginelli, is a senior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania majoring in Strategic Communication with a minor in Fashion and Retail Studies. Prior to being promoted to CEO, Tori served as our Director of Communication and an Account Associate for Harness Magazine and Beauty Boost. Now, her goals are to provide members of The PRactice with relevant and unique experiences so they can evolve into confident PR professionals through growth, conversation, learning and creativity. As firm director, she hopes to continue developing The PRactice as a highly-regarded organization within our community. This experience is aiding Tori in her plans of obtaining a masters degree in public relations or digital marketing. After graduation, she hopes to work in fashion PR and begin her own creative services agency.

HR Director, Samantha Peters


Our HR Director, Samantha Peters, is a senior from Vermillion, Ohio obtaining a degree in Strategic Communication with minors in Professional Writing and Fashion and Retail Studies. Last year, Samantha was promoted to Account Lead for ECDI, Panera, and The Write Planner. Now, as the Director of HR, Samantha assigns associates to our various teams, maintains attendance, and resolves any internal complications. Her goal for this year is to increase the efficiency and cohesion of teams during the COVID-19 pandemic and the possibility of a virtual semester. In her free time, she enjoys watching crime documentaries, working out, and reading. After graduation, she hopes to work in social media or marketing at a nonprofit organization or public relations firm.



Our Communications Director, Lexi Turner, is a senior from Toledo, Ohio finishing a degree in Strategic Communication with a minor in Social Psychology. Lexi began her time with The PRactice serving as an Account Associate for The Ohio State University School of Communication and Haven Collective. During her second year as a member of The PRactice, she was promoted to the position of Account Lead for the Legal Aid Society of Columbus, Buster Douglas, and Freedom a la Cart. Now, as Director of Communications, she is responsible for The PRactice’s social media accounts as well as our website, blog, and marketing materials. In addition to her membership with The PRactice, Lexi is the Vice President of Recruitment and Retention for the Panhellenic Association. After graduation, Lexi plans to pursue a masters degree in a communications or business related field.



Our Special Projects Director, Avery Anne Chrisman, is a senior from Indiana pursuing a degree in Strategic Communication with a minor in Spanish. Avery has spent her time with The PRactice on several teams including The Ohio State University School of Communication, Bikes for All People, Stonerock Fitness, and Amiggos. Her current role as Special Projects Director entails recruiting new clients, developing The PRactice’s presence on campus, and coordinating any special projects we participate in. She spends her time singing, playing guitar, and practicing yoga while building her brand as a social media influencer and YouTuber. After graduation, she is open to all opportunities, but plans to continue to build her personal brand and work in the digital marketing field.



Our Account Manager, Kylee McNutt, is a senior from Cleveland, Ohio acquiring dual degrees in Strategic Communication and Fashion and Retail Studies. Kylee began her time with The PRactice as an Account Associate working with Panera, ECDI, and The Write Planner. This year, she has been selected as our Account Manager where she will serve as the liaison between each Account Supervisor and our newest CEO, Tori. She will also ensure that each team stays up to date internally and with their clients. Her main goal for the year is to continue to build a strong bond between The PRactice and PRSSA. Outside of The PRactice, Kylee is involved with PRSSA and BORA, a club for the business and retail field. After graduation, Kylee hopes her career patch leads her to New York or California to work in the public relations department of a high-end designer brand.

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