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10 Positive Affirmations to Bring you Peace on Bad Mental Health Days 

By Hawa Sow Managing mental health challenges can feel incredibly overwhelming, especially for college students. With schoolwork, jobs and a plethora of other responsibilities, maintaining a sense of calm can feel hopeless. While there are professional counseling tools that exist for students to utilize, these options may not always seem feasible when viewed through a…

3 Ways to Make Your Health a ‘Blue Zone’  

By Chantal Brown We’ve all tossed around the idea of living forever at one point or another. In the United States, we have skin care products, diet fads and even cosmetic procedures that claim to make this aspiration attainable.   However, there are regions in the world that have come closer to living forever than the…

Don’t be Afraid of Group Work

5 Ways to overcome the fear of group work. By Jieqiu Zhang As a communication primary student, I have been in many classes that require group work, some of which will serve as my final exams. I often rejoice in this because I love it, but many friends tell me they are reluctant or even…

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