Our Work

Event Planning

Let’s make your next event a huge success! We cover all aspects of event planning. Here are just a few of the key points of the process we would love to assist you with.

  • Researching costs and developing an appropriate budget
  • Securing the perfect venue
  • Selecting quality, but cost-effective food, beverage, entertainment and IT/AV options
  • Coordinating staff or volunteers before, during and after the event to make everything run as smoothly as possible
  • Generating earned and paid media coverage before, after and the day of
  • Creating full marketing campaigns to reach your guests

Content Creation

All of our teams have experience with a variety of projects that have allowed them to use their imagination to supply clients and the firm with thought-provoking visuals that convey the message they wish their audiences to receive. With graphic designers on staff, we will create high quality work for you.

  • Logo Design: The logo is often the first impression the public has of your brand. We work with our clients to convey a strong imprint on their targeted audiences with a tailored visual representation of their brand’s unique story.
  • Marketing Materials: Our account executives will discuss how to include high quality fliers, advertisements and promotional materials into your campaign.
  • Website Design: Your company website is the first place many potential customers or members go to learn about you. It’s a stepping stone in creating a strong connection with them and The PRactice can help you get started!

Traditional Public Relations

Our agency takes an integrated and research based approach to making all of our campaigns successful. In our initial client meetings, we learn as much as we can about your brand and what you are looking for. From there we develop a strategic plan, outlining what will be done before, during and after your campaign. We identify your key audiences and messages to tailor our approach and maximize the impact of the campaign.

  • Branding: Developing a strong, authentic brand is no easy task for someone to do alone. We can help you create and establish all aspects of your brand in order to tell your story effectively.
  • Marketing: Launching a new product or service? Our agency looks at all aspects of promoting your product to deliver real world results.
  • Media Relations: We don’t just write press releases and hope for the best. We generate earned media coverage by finding newsworthy angles, pitching them to the right outlets and following up.

Digital and Social Media Development and Management

Social media is an important part of engaging with the right audiences. All of our associates have solid social media experience and as a whole, our agency uses a holistic approach to establishing and maintaining your online presence. We work to implement the best social media marketing strategies for your business and build account followers, reach and impressions.

  • Latest Tools: We use a variety of tools to create and implement a social media plan. This ensures that your social presence is set up and managed in an effective and strategic manner.
  • Social Media Monitoring: The key to having an excellent presence on social media is engagement! We don’t just send out generic, one-way tweets, but rather focus on building solid relationships based on trust. Our teams monitor what is being said about your brand and respond in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Quality Content: Whether you need more visits on your brand’s blog or more followers on Twitter, everything stems from quality content. Our associates are trained in writing for mass audiences and have the skills to tell stories authentically.
  • Flexibility: Some clients like to be personally involved in social media, some prefer the “hands off” approach and others want something in the middle. Above all, we aim to work with you to find the best solution for your needs.
  • Influencer Relations: Many of our clients find that the right social media influencers are able to enhance their brand image and audience size. Our agency is ready to help you find the perfect spokespeople for your brand and create terms for their employment.