Remembering Llyle Barker: Former PRSSA Advisor

Last month, former PRSSA professional advisor Llyle Barker passed away. Barker earned a Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University in 1954 and served in the United States Army for 30 years. Following his time in the army, he became a professor and our chapter’s professional advisor, where he received multiple Outstanding Teacher AwardsContinue reading “Remembering Llyle Barker: Former PRSSA Advisor”

Setting Attainable Goals for the New Semester

By Mia Rodio It goes without saying that this school year looks vastly different than previous years. I have found it difficult at times to stay motivated and organized with online classes. However, as we move into a new semester and approach the end of the school year, it is important to find ways toContinue reading “Setting Attainable Goals for the New Semester”

An Interview with School of Communication Professor Nicole Kraft

By Mia Rodio Associate professor of Clinical Communication and Director of the Ohio State Sports and Society Initiative, Nicole Kraft, has been a lecturer at The Ohio State University since 2004 and a full-time professor since 2010. Before working at Ohio State, Kraft worked as the executive editor of the magazine “Hoof Beats.” She hasContinue reading “An Interview with School of Communication Professor Nicole Kraft”

Industry FAQ answered by our professional advisor

We asked our professional advisor, Karen Bailey, to share her top tips and tricks for securing your dream job or internship, polishing your resume, and nailing your next interview. Looking for personal feedback? Make sure to attend Karen’s monthly office hours! What’s the best setting/work area (agency, corporate, etc.) to explore the Public Relations fieldContinue reading “Industry FAQ answered by our professional advisor”

Why Join PRSSA?

If you’re contemplating whether PRSSA is the right organization for you, you probably have a lot of questions. So, our executive board answered some of our most frequently asked questions to help you decide if you should join PRSSA! (You should.) If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to any ofContinue reading “Why Join PRSSA?”

Five tips to help you stay organized as told by a college student

By Sarah Fitch I’m not the first to say this year is like no other, especially this school year. Many of us have been in school for a few weeks, but we’re still trying to grasp what is and isn’t working for us. Fortunately, it’s early enough in the semester that there is still timeContinue reading “Five tips to help you stay organized as told by a college student”

Your morning routine could change everything

By Kaylee Utterback What makes a good morning versus a bad one? Something different probably comes to mind for everyone but most can relate that rushing around and forgetting things never makes for the greatest morning. To some, rushing around may be an exhilarating morning vibe and, if that’s you, I applaud you! I amContinue reading “Your morning routine could change everything”

What Photography and Creative Writing Have Taught Me About PR

By Rebecca Kerr Last week, I talked to a classmate about my love of music, writing and photography. She asked me if I thought there were any commonalities between my hobbies and my future career and, I’ll admit, her question caught me off guard; I had never been asked that before. I paused for aContinue reading “What Photography and Creative Writing Have Taught Me About PR”

6 Tips for Effective Web Writing

By Emily Hall Writing is fairly simple, but writing noteworthy web content can be difficult. According to Chartbeat, 55% of viewers spend less than 15 seconds on a website. This statistic can be daunting. However, if you follow these six simple guidelines, your website content can stand out and attract more viewers. 1. Understand YourContinue reading “6 Tips for Effective Web Writing”

Top 3 lessons I learned while interning at an agency

By Alexis Canty We’ve heard it time and time again, agency life is a lot. Any time you ask someone who’s interned at an agency over the summer, you generally get the same answer: they loved it, learned a lot but are now in desperate need of a nap. Although you get tons of experience with different clients,Continue reading “Top 3 lessons I learned while interning at an agency”