How to Manage Stress During the School Year

By Aislin Daugherty With the school year in full swing, managing stress is more important now than ever. At a school as large as Ohio State, there are plenty of resources university-wide to keep stress levels down and serotonin levels up. This time of the year is crucial. Before midterms and finals arrive, it isContinue reading “How to Manage Stress During the School Year”

10 Positive Affirmations to Bring you Peace on Bad Mental Health Days 

By Hawa Sow Managing mental health challenges can feel incredibly overwhelming, especially for college students. With schoolwork, jobs and a plethora of other responsibilities, maintaining a sense of calm can feel hopeless. While there are professional counseling tools that exist for students to utilize, these options may not always seem feasible when viewed through aContinue reading “10 Positive Affirmations to Bring you Peace on Bad Mental Health Days “

3 Ways to Make Your Health a ‘Blue Zone’  

By Chantal Brown We’ve all tossed around the idea of living forever at one point or another. In the United States, we have skin care products, diet fads and even cosmetic procedures that claim to make this aspiration attainable.   However, there are regions in the world that have come closer to living forever than theContinue reading “3 Ways to Make Your Health a ‘Blue Zone’  “

Top 3 Resources for Freshmen Buckeyes 

by Cameron Johnson College can be overwhelming. As freshmen at such a large university, making proper life choices to effectively balance your schoolwork, professional development and social life can be very difficult and even weigh on your mental health.  Luckily, Ohio State includes services to help freshmen get acclimated to their new environment and succeed.Continue reading “Top 3 Resources for Freshmen Buckeyes “

How Much Coffee is Too Much? 

By Jadyn McRitchie As college students, many of us run on caffeine to make up for the sleep we lost from doing homework and studying, or simply to get a jump start on a long day.  Unfortunately, replacing sleep with caffeine is not the healthiest alternative.  How much coffee is recommended?  For the typical adult,Continue reading “How Much Coffee is Too Much? “

Four Mindful Ways to Manage Your Stress During Finals 

By Meimei Tannehill, Margaux Miller, Adri Thomas, Ava Wohner, Jordy Puterman, Margot Paschen, Mackenzie Grove, Caitlin Leib, Madeline Godin, Nyah Snezek, Lily Meienburg It’s that time again, the leaves are starting to change, the weather is getting colder and classes are getting more difficult. Finals are fast approaching, and so is the stress that comes withContinue reading “Four Mindful Ways to Manage Your Stress During Finals “

How to Incorporate Leafy Greens in Your Diet

By Evelyn Kretzer It is no secret that eating leafy greens is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it can be difficult to include them in your diet. Here are some ways you can easily incorporate them into your life! Why Leafy Greens Are Important Vegetables, specifically leafy greens, can offer numerous health benefits.Continue reading “How to Incorporate Leafy Greens in Your Diet”

7 Ways to Balance Your Social & Professional Life 

By Nigel Becker What does your schedule look like? Maybe it features strictly classes, studying, club meetings and an internship. Or maybe your schedule looks like a seven-day weekend full of rest, relaxation and minimal studying.  If your schedule is identical to one of those two, then you have a problem. College is about balancingContinue reading 7 Ways to Balance Your Social & Professional Life “

Staying Organized in the New School Year 

By Catherine Fields The beginning of the semester at The Ohio State University… we all know the drill. You are reuniting with your friends, exploring the University District and getting used to the weekly tornado siren tests. Class work is going great so far; mainly busy work and reading.   But then it happens. Your firstContinue reading “Staying Organized in the New School Year “

PR in the Music Industry: My New Client Journey

By Audrey Taylor Jumping into something new can be scary, and doing PR work in a new industry takes a big leap. For myself, learning how to navigate public relations in the music industry has been a learning curve with ups and downs.  This semester, I have had the pleasure of being on the PRacticeContinue reading PR in the Music Industry: My New Client Journey