Setting Attainable Goals for the New Semester

By Mia Rodio

It goes without saying that this school year looks vastly different than previous years. I have found it difficult at times to stay motivated and organized with online classes. However, as we move into a new semester and approach the end of the school year, it is important to find ways to stay engaged. This is a popular time of year to set resolutions, but it can be challenging to keep up with them as the year progresses. Here are some tips to set and follow through with attainable goals for the new semester. 

Write out your goals and revisit them throughout the semester

Writing out your goals for the semester will help you keep track of them as the school year progresses. I find that creating a list of goals can make them seem more concrete, and I am able to structure a plan for how to achieve them. By writing out goals, you can check on your progress and evaluate what you can improve upon. This will keep you accountable and can also serve as motivation to keep working toward your goals. 

Keep weekly or daily to do lists

This is something I do almost everyday to stay organized. Writing out my tasks for the day helps my day seem  much more manageable, and ensures that I do not forget anything important happening that day. Breaking down goals into smaller daily tasks allows you to approach the goal in manageable steps. This can also help you plan out your week; you can decide what tasks are most time-sensitive, and which objectives you can dedicate to another day. Another perk of keeping a do to list is that you get to check off your items after you’re done!

No goal is too small

Your goals do not have to be huge accomplishments, there is nothing wrong with establishing  goals that seem small-scale — progress is progress! Breaking down a big goal into smaller steps can also help you make a realistic plan for achieving your end result. You can think about what you want to accomplish by the end of the semester, and then identify small steps that will help you reach your big picture goal. 

Be specific 

Keeping track of your progress is easier when you have defined goals. You can make your goals measurable, for example, that you want to get a certain grade in a class or apply to X amount of jobs. I find that having concrete objectives can make my goals seem more attainable. However, more abstract goals, like gaining confidence in a job or school, can act as good indicators of progress as well!

Celebrate your progress

Don’t forget to reward yourself when you accomplish something that you have been working hard for. As the semester goes on, we get busy, and it can be difficult to find time for yourself. But don’t let yourself forget that you put in the effort to reach your goals. Take some time to look back at how far you have come, and give yourself some credit for your hard work!

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