Remembering Llyle Barker: Former PRSSA Advisor

Last month, former PRSSA professional advisor Llyle Barker passed away. Barker earned a Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University in 1954 and served in the United States Army for 30 years. Following his time in the army, he became a professor and our chapter’s professional advisor, where he received multiple Outstanding Teacher AwardsContinue reading “Remembering Llyle Barker: Former PRSSA Advisor”

How The PRactice helped me to understand true PR

By Maddy Fuller Coming into Ohio State I was a data analytics major, with not much knowledge of the business and professional world, and the different avenues that can be explored. After a computer science engineering class I quickly changed my major into the Fisher College of Business. I was thrown into the business world with littleContinue reading “How The PRactice helped me to understand true PR”

Columbus Attractions Every OSU Student Needs to Visit Before Graduation

By Lauren Bulkley We, as college students, rarely get an opportunity to leave our schoolwork, jobs, or classes to have a special outing for a day. Feelings of isolation, routine, and boredom are stronger during the pandemic. However, one of Ohio State’s most enticing features is its proximity to so many fun activities and eventsContinue reading “Columbus Attractions Every OSU Student Needs to Visit Before Graduation”

Setting Attainable Goals for the New Semester

By Mia Rodio It goes without saying that this school year looks vastly different than previous years. I have found it difficult at times to stay motivated and organized with online classes. However, as we move into a new semester and approach the end of the school year, it is important to find ways toContinue reading “Setting Attainable Goals for the New Semester”

An Interview with School of Communication Professor Nicole Kraft

By Mia Rodio Associate professor of Clinical Communication and Director of the Ohio State Sports and Society Initiative, Nicole Kraft, has been a lecturer at The Ohio State University since 2004 and a full-time professor since 2010. Before working at Ohio State, Kraft worked as the executive editor of the magazine “Hoof Beats.” She hasContinue reading “An Interview with School of Communication Professor Nicole Kraft”

The best TV shows to unwind with after finals

By Gracie Krashoc With winter break approaching quickly, and COVID still impacting our community, some might wonder what they are going to fill their long days with. We should use this time to relax, and a great way to do that is curl up under the blankets with some hot chocolate watching a good TVContinue reading “The best TV shows to unwind with after finals”

The PR skill that goes beyond the workplace

By Megan Hurley PR professionals develop many skills throughout their work experience. From accurate storytelling to strong brand representation, we develop relationships that play an integral role in our careers. As I continue to move through my coursework in strategic communications and my involvement in The PRactice, I am realizing that the lessons learned areContinue reading “The PR skill that goes beyond the workplace”

Best Coffee Shops in Columbus

By Josie Wadlow Most morning routine’s include a cup of coffee. Most people cannot function without it. And if coffee is not a part of someone’s morning routine, then it is likely consumed at some point during the day.  As a college student, coffee is a part of my daily routine. I rely on coffeeContinue reading “Best Coffee Shops in Columbus”

Top 5 Restaurants in Columbus

 Madeleine Roman  As a person who absolutely loves all things food, I decided to share my take on the top 5 restaurants in Columbus. Yes, my picks are going to be the most popular restaurants around, but that just proves they are the best, right?  Northstar Café Starting out with a classic we have NorthstarContinue reading “Top 5 Restaurants in Columbus”