What To Do With a Communication Degree?

A degree in communication gives the skills for many professional fields including marketing, public relations, branding, advertising, politics, and organization management. If you are unsure of which path you want to take after graduation, then this article may give you some ideas. Below are seven common career paths for graduates with a communication degree. 

Public Relations (PR)

A career in PR requires strategic thinking and creativity as it demands employees to think of innovative ways to build public trust and maintain a positive image. PR often takes place in agencies, but there are PR specialists at businesses and nonprofit organizations. Working for a PR agency is a great opportunity for someone who likes to engage with a variety of clients and projects. Some popular PR agencies in the central Ohio area include FraizerHeiby and MurphyEpson.


If you are looking for a career that allows you to focus your attention towards one client then you may enjoy working for a business. Unlike PR which aims to create a positive brand image, marketing’s goal is increasing profits. Positions in marketing are often structured around a 9am-5pm work schedule. The marketing industry may be appealing to someone who wants to create clear boundaries between their personal and professional life. 

Social Media Manager

Social media is a constantly growing industry that requires creativity but also analytical thinking. Tasks for a social media manager usually consist of creating strategic media plans and designing media content. With new media platforms like TikTok, social media managers are expected to understand video production and graphic design. Social media managers are needed in businesses, public relations agencies, and nonprofits. Many social media managers also freelance and work individually for multiple clients. 

Campaign Manager 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in politics, working for a political campaign utilizes strategic messaging and design. Politics are a fast-paced industry with high-stress situations that require crisis communication and quick thinking. Tasks include advertising, fundraising, getting out the vote, and more.  


Law is a popular career route for individuals with a degree in communication. Understanding how to create persuasive messages is essential when working in the legal industry. While this career path has a high average salary, it requires education after obtaining an undergraduate degree. This may be appealing to someone interested in communication, political science, economics, or sociology. 

Human Resources

Working directly with employees at a company or organization is an effective way to utilize a communication degree. Human resource professionals work to support employees through staff training, crisis communication, new hire recruits, and more. Human resources professionals focus their career on internal communication such as motivating employees and managing crises. Similar to a job in marketing, working in human resources is often a 9am-5pm job, requiring minimal work outside of the office.

Media Relations

Media relations is a perfect career path if you are interested in both communications and journalism. Those in media relations work with media outlets to share information and stories. Most of the tasks consist of strategically pitching stories to journalists and media outlets. In central Ohio, some media relations firms include MediaSource and Belle Communication

The paths discussed in this article are just some of the options available for graduates with a communication degree. If you are looking to jump start your career, network with professionals through PRSSA. During our weekly Wednesday meetings, you can connect with professionals in all of the industries mentioned above!

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