Four Certifications That Make Your Resume Stand Out

by Sarah Fitch

Standing out during your job search may be overwhelming but isn’t difficult. There are several ways of doing this, but a way that’s beneficial to you and the organization hiring you is certifications in relevant areas.

Fortunately, ‘relevant areas’ is a broad phrase for marketing and public relations, therefore the amount of certifications available to you are vast: social media, email marketing, content creation, etc. Best of all, these certifications are completely free to use!

Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics is one of the top Search Engine Optimization tools used by businesses. It gathers an abundance of data based on how your campaign is doing and it could be your job to interpret it. Certified knowledge of how to analyze campaign data makes you a valuable resource to employers.

The course itself doesn’t take long either. You can achieve a beginner level certification in Google Analytics in 4-6 hours and you don’t have to stop there. Google Analytics offers their Advanced, Power Users and Google 360 certifications for those really wanting to stand out from the competition.

Hubspot Content Marketing Certification                                                           

Skills in content marketing and PR go hand-in-hand. You can’t expect your content to do well without a good PR strategy. That’s where the Hubspot Content Marketing Certification comes in. The courses teach you everything from generating content ideas to effectively promoting the finished product. 

This certification consists of 12 lessons and 11 quizzes, therefore it may take longer than other certifications, but it’s well worth your time. In addition, Hubspot Academy updates its content based on ever-changing industry trends, so you always have the latest information and knowledge.

Hubspot’s Social Media Marketing Certification

We’re back with Hubspot. Social media is one of the largest components of content promotion. It’s important to many employers that the person they hire is social media savvy. Many of us have grown up alongside social media. but that doesn’t mean we know everything there is to know about optimizing reach or engaging followers.

Fortunately, this certification takes less time than the one previously mentioned. You can learn to leverage social media to your advantage in about 4 hours at no cost to you! A certified knowledge in social media strategy could give you the upper hand against others vying for a position.

Mailchimp Foundations Certifications

Email is not dead! Mailchimp is a leader in email marketing platforms. It guides you in the right direction when building everything from a monthly newsletter to a sale announcement and allows you to optimize the audience of each email campaign to maximize effectiveness. The platform is easy to learn but is certainly detail-oriented. Fortunately, Mailchimp created a free certification for its users to obtain.

Mailchimp’s Foundation Certification takes anywhere from 4-5 hours to achieve and looks great on a resume. Knowledge of how an email campaign works and how to track its success is invaluable to employers and is sure to push your resume to the front.

Having deep knowledge of several aspects of PR and marketing is great but having certifications in them is even better. Try these certification courses out to enhance your resume!

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