The Hidden Gems of OSU

By: Lauren Bulkley, Megan McMahan, Lily Zouber, Adri Thomas, Rodrigo Mayet-Velasco, Katie Monsignori, Malachi Brooks, Arati Chapagai, Jolie Seir, Maggie Angiulo

The instability of the pandemic has drastically changed the way students and teachers have had to navigate campus life. Zoom fatigue is real, and having a place where you can go to complete your work can lead to success in a new and stimulating environment. Since we are getting back to more in-person events, here are some helpful and motivating places to help you escape your bedrooms and stay motivated. 

  1. Orton Hall

This hidden gem is an OSU classic and the second oldest building on OSU’s campus. Named after OSU’s first president, Dr. Edward Orton Sr., Orton Hall is home to a museum, library, several offices and labs. The museum boasts one of the largest fossil collections, many of which Dr. Edward Orton Sr. donated himself. This library is an excellent place if you’re looking for a calm and quiet working space. It’s open to all majors and is the perfect place to study!

  1. Derby Hall’s Courtyard

Derby courtyard offers a serene space to study, rewind, or refresh. With lights overhead and red tables, it truly creates a sound space to escape the business of your schedule. Derby Hall is located on the North Oval, making it accessible for all majors. Often, we leave our rooms just to confine ourselves to a different set of four walls — the courtyard of Derby Hall allows you to get some fresh air and breath.

  1. Bamboo Grove

Are you stuck on the West side of Ohio State’s Campus? Find your way behind Howlett Hall and sneak through the dense bamboo of the Bamboo Grove to find a hidden study location with a serene and picturesque aesthetic. The cobalt blue benches contrast the green of the bamboo creating the perfect spot to check up on work or meet up with friends for a mid-semester photo shoot. 

  1. Knowlton School of Architecture 

If you are a plant enthusiast, you should check out The Knowlton School of Architecture. The real gem is not inside the building but on top of it! There is a rooftop garden and  gallery space for exhibitions as well. Consider checking it out with friends. 

  1. Chadwick Arboretum 

A nature break might be your best newfound study recess with springtime approaching. Chadwick Arboretum, a specialized garden for all types of plants and wildflowers, is located on the Agriculture campus of Ohio State, just across Lane Avenue from The Schottenstein Center. Being that Chadwick is one of OSU’s research labs, it has become one of the most varied collections in the state! Take a walk with a friend or by yourself, and enjoy all that this place offers. Open from dawn to dusk and with no admission fee, a trip to Chadwick is a perfect leisure activity to take your mind off your studies. 

6. The Parker Dairy Store (Parker Food Science and Technology Building)

Do you ever crave a sweet treat in between studying sessions? Head on over to The Parker Dairy Store! This hidden gem is located in the Parker Food Science and Technology Building and is open to students from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. through Monday to Friday. This unique stop offers not only delicious ice cream but also breakfast, lunch, dessert, drinks, and other snacks. The Parker Dairy Store is the perfect place to catch up with a friend, get in some studying, or just enjoy a quick bite to eat! Stay updated on changes in hours through the store’s Twitter. 

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