Campus Safety at Ohio State; How You Can Make a Difference at the Polls

By Kacie Back

If you are an Ohio State student, you know how unsafe campus can be, day or night. As much as we request more patrol from Columbus and University police, there is only so much they can do. However, this November, we get to decide who will be the mayor and city council of Columbus for the next four years, and I think you might want to hear a bit about their views on public safety.

Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther Tim Johnson/Columbus Monthly

What does the mayor do? What is a city council?

Don’t worry, you’re likely not the only one asking this question. In Ohio, “the Mayor leads the administrative branch of government,” while the city council is considered the legislative branch. In short, the Mayor oversees the individual departments of Columbus; public safety, fire, housing, education, transportation, and more. Our city council, composed of seven elected officials, operates budgets and enforces Columbus City codes. 

Why should you care?

This November, Columbus will be taking on new officials for Mayor and City Council. These candidates could make changes that affect our everyday lives, so it is important to do some research before the election! Below is a list of this year’s candidates and some of their perspectives on important issues.

Mayor Candidates

Brooke LaValelley/Columbus Dispatch

Ginther is our current Mayor of Columbus who is up for reelection for a third term. When it comes to city safety, he believes in investing in Columbus’ police force to cover the increase in crime. Recently, he has been hosting gun buybacks in hopes of reducing gun violence in Columbus.

Photo by Walker Evans.

Motil says he’s ready to bring change to the city of Columbus. He says the key to safety in Columbus is funding Columbus’ Public Health programs and revisiting/building new gun laws. Overall, he finds that getting to the bottom of the true social and economic issues will help keep Columbus safe.

City Council Candidates

District 2

Photo by Walker Evans.

Gill is a Venezuelan-born American who aims to give voice to the “many areas of our county being left behind.” His top two focuses as a council member would be crime and poverty.

Photo by Walker Evans.

Day-Achauer is a hardworking, accomplished Pastor from Nevada, who aims to provide assistance with the housing crisis, public safety, and more. Her main focus on the council would be housing and zoning issues.

District 4

Photo by Walker Evans.

Emmanuel is the democratic candidate in this election. His priorities are improving Ohio’s education system and aiming toward a safer city.

Photo by Walker Evans.

Adrienne is a newly single mother, recently losing a child to police violence. She says she understands the struggle that many people of Columbus face today and desires to make everyone feel represented without shame.

District 5

Photo by Walker Evans.

Farxaan, a Somalian immigrant, seeks to implement new structures in Ohio’s council, prioritizing public safety. Recently losing a nephew to the Columbus Police, Farxaan also hopes to build a better relationship between the police and the people of Columbus.

Photo by Walker Evans.

This year, Bankston will be up for reelection for Columbus’s city council. Nick’s philosophy is grounded in “putting public service above politics” and ultimately working for the needs of the people.

Hopefully, your newfound information on these candidates will better prepare you for when you head to the polls! These short descriptions are only the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to do some more research on the candidates’ stances on issues you find important. For the remaining of the seven districts, only one candidate is available. However, looking into their values will allow you to be well-informed and prepared for the potential changes coming to our city!

Remember, these are the people who will be making policies on your safety, along with other important topics. So, choose who you think will be the best fit to make Columbus a better place. Happy voting!

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