3 Steps to Take Before Building a Content Calendar

By: Keilah Thompson If you’re managing a social media page for your internship or want to maximize your personal platforms, a content calendar can help you post consistently. However, you need to put some thought into your brand before you dive into creating and scheduling content. Here’s three necessary steps to take before you startContinue reading “3 Steps to Take Before Building a Content Calendar”

PRSSA Chicago Recap: Benefits of Traveling with PRSSA

by Josie Wadlow In the beginning of November, Ohio State PRSSA organized their first ever trip to Chicago. Members of PRSSA were presented with the opportunity to travel to the “windy city” in order to network and learn more about public relations. The benefits were endless and applicable career searching skills were learned. If youContinue reading “PRSSA Chicago Recap: Benefits of Traveling with PRSSA”

How to Keep Up Motivation With the Finals Grind

By: Caroline Ingraham Binge-watching TikToks again? For me, with finals usually comes a wave of procrastination. Feeling overwhelmed and burn-out seems ubiquitous this time of year. With the finals season workload, how can we find the motivation to juggle it all? Here are a some ideas: Build a toolbox. Compile things you know make youContinue reading “How to Keep Up Motivation With the Finals Grind”

Four Certifications That Make Your Resume Stand Out

by Sarah Fitch Standing out during your job search may be overwhelming but isn’t difficult. There are several ways of doing this, but a way that’s beneficial to you and the organization hiring you is certifications in relevant areas. Fortunately, ‘relevant areas’ is a broad phrase for marketing and public relations, therefore the amount ofContinue reading “Four Certifications That Make Your Resume Stand Out”

How to Maximize Your Semester

By: Lindsey Romano Life is getting back to normal. After the quiet time staying at home and working in a virtual space, regaining a sense of normalcy (when COVID is still present) can feel chaotic and overwhelming, especially for the college student. There is first the incredible demand from all of our classes and theContinue reading “How to Maximize Your Semester”

Navigating Questions When Home for the Holidays

By: Audrey Taylor Going home for the holidays and seeing family is always exciting and fun. Relatives you do not see very often are bound to be curious about your current college experience at Ohio State. While there might be a cousin or two you trust with everything, you may find yourself avoiding some topicsContinue reading “Navigating Questions When Home for the Holidays”

Creating a Professional Capsule Wardrobe Style

By: Jo Seir As students enter the professional world, one item that is often overlooked is what to wear. Interviews, internships, and professional events mean stocking your closet with business-casual clothes for the first time and curating a closet that reflects your personal style. Building a capsule wardrobe is a great way to downsize yourContinue reading “Creating a Professional Capsule Wardrobe Style”

Observations From a Transfer Student: How to Make a Successful Transition to Ohio State

By: Malachi Brooks Sometimes it can be tough figuring out where you belong, especially during college. For me, it took two years to decide that pursuing a degree at a small liberal arts college was not in my best interest. Transferring to Ohio State this semester was one of the best decisions I made forContinue reading “Observations From a Transfer Student: How to Make a Successful Transition to Ohio State”

What To Do With a Communication Degree?

A degree in communication gives the skills for many professional fields including marketing, public relations, branding, advertising, politics, and organization management. If you are unsure of which path you want to take after graduation, then this article may give you some ideas. Below are seven common career paths for graduates with a communication degree.  PublicContinue reading “What To Do With a Communication Degree?”