Agency vs. In-house: What’s the Difference? 

By: Jane Parry, Meimei Tannehill, Alexa Abramovitch, Kobie Parrish, Kate Harrison, Caitlin Leib, Zoe Fields, Emma Brodbar, Grady Libertini, Isa Renteria, Lucas Tan Entering the world of public relations can often be overwhelming. With so many career paths, how do you know where to start? Often the first decision you’ll have to make is betweenContinue reading Agency vs. In-house: What’s the Difference? 

The Hidden Gems of OSU

By: Lauren Bulkley, Megan McMahan, Lily Zouber, Adri Thomas, Rodrigo Mayet-Velasco, Katie Monsignori, Malachi Brooks, Arati Chapagai, Jolie Seir, Maggie Angiulo The instability of the pandemic has drastically changed the way students and teachers have had to navigate campus life. Zoom fatigue is real, and having a place where you can go to complete yourContinue reading “The Hidden Gems of OSU”

How to Start a Relationship with a New Client

By: The Saver Magazine Team While taking on a new client might seem intimidating, it is an important task you will most likely have to complete at your PR agency job. Our team at The PRactice, has taken on a new client this semester, in which we’re witnessing first-hand the effort and trust in orderContinue reading How to Start a Relationship with a New Client

Four Tips to be More Productive at Work

By the Mind Body Align Team Does your job feel like a chore? Do you feel burnt out? Job dissatisfaction and burnout can negatively affect your mental and physical health and lead to a steep decrease in productivity. Does this sound familiar? Look no further; we gathered four crucial tips to become your most productiveContinue reading Four Tips to be More Productive at Work

How to be a Balanced Buckeye:

By: Karissa Eisinger, Jessica Kaplan, Brooke Litherland, Rachal Darner, Emma Wolf, Taylor May, Emily Cohen, Renata Chavez Garcia, Marissa Martin, Caroline Ingraham, Carrie White One of the most thrilling aspects of moving away from home for the first time is the ability to be in charge of your own eating habits. That said, these habitsContinue reading How to be a Balanced Buckeye:

3 Steps to Take Before Building a Content Calendar

By: Keilah Thompson If you’re managing a social media page for your internship or want to maximize your personal platforms, a content calendar can help you post consistently. However, you need to put some thought into your brand before you dive into creating and scheduling content. Here’s three necessary steps to take before you startContinue reading “3 Steps to Take Before Building a Content Calendar”

How to Keep Up Motivation With the Finals Grind

By: Caroline Ingraham Binge-watching TikToks again? For me, with finals usually comes a wave of procrastination. Feeling overwhelmed and burn-out seems ubiquitous this time of year. With the finals season workload, how can we find the motivation to juggle it all? Here are a some ideas: Build a toolbox. Compile things you know make youContinue reading “How to Keep Up Motivation With the Finals Grind”

How to Maximize Your Semester

By: Lindsey Romano Life is getting back to normal. After the quiet time staying at home and working in a virtual space, regaining a sense of normalcy (when COVID is still present) can feel chaotic and overwhelming, especially for the college student. There is first the incredible demand from all of our classes and theContinue reading “How to Maximize Your Semester”

Navigating Questions When Home for the Holidays

By: Audrey Taylor Going home for the holidays and seeing family is always exciting and fun. Relatives you do not see very often are bound to be curious about your current college experience at Ohio State. While there might be a cousin or two you trust with everything, you may find yourself avoiding some topicsContinue reading “Navigating Questions When Home for the Holidays”