Best Coffee Shops in Columbus

By Josie Wadlow

Most morning routine’s include a cup of coffee. Most people cannot function without it. And if coffee is not a part of someone’s morning routine, then it is likely consumed at some point during the day. 

As a college student, coffee is a part of my daily routine. I rely on coffee to keep me awake and going, and I witness my peers doing the same. I not only drink coffee for energy, but also for taste. Columbus has so many unique and tasteful coffee shops. In no particular order, here are four of my favorite coffee shops in the Columbus area. 

1. Stauf’s Coffee Roasters

Stauf’s is a Columbus favorite. With more than one location, Stauf’s has lots to offer. The warm, welcoming environment along with the delicious coffee makes you want to stay all the while longer. The coffee beans are like no other in the Columbus area. While I may be a bit biased since I am a frequent customer, I think they have some of the best coffee in the columbus area by far. They sell their coffee beans by the bag so customers can enjoy the warmth and love of Stauf’s coffee in their own home. One of the best things about Stauf’s is the food they offer. Not only do they have pastries and bagels, they also offer breakfast hash, salads, sandwiches, and more! Personally, my favorite item on the menu is their soy latte. I do not like anything too fancy, so this hits the spot every time. Be sure to check out their waffles too and tell them their number one customer (me) sent you! 

2. Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea 

Located just off campus on High Street, Sweetwaters is a new addition to the Ohio State Campus, but not the Columbus area. There are multiple locations in Columbus, but the newest and most popular to Ohio State students, is tucked away right near the Wellington apartment complex. Sweetwaters is packed full of students studying away on any given day of the week. Their staff is welcoming and inviting towards students, as it is a “second home” to many of them. Being on the smaller side, the venue appears cozy and homey. To me, their unique signature coffees are what sets this shop above others. French Vietnamese Au Lait and Dragon Eye are my two personal favorites. The flavors of these are strong, but also sweet. When there, try their coffee cake! The way it crumbles and softens in your mouth is to die for. 

3. Fox in the Snow Cafe 

Fox in the Snow Cafe has three different locations in the Columbus area, all equally delectable and enjoyable. I like to think of the Fox in the Snow Cafe as the perfect Instagram spot because of the venue’s modern decoration and aesthetic appearance. The perfect selfies with coffee and the perfect Instagram stories come out of this. Some may think of this as a “basic white girl” location, but it is far from it. While it may be a great Instagram spot, it is also the perfect spot to crack open a book and relax for a few hours, or go on a date for a perfect Sunday brunch. Oh, and speaking of perfect, the coffee here is, well you guessed it, perfect. The New Orleans iced coffee is one of my favorites along with their cappuccinos. Their pastries offered are beautifully hand-crafted and delicious! If you ever have the chance to visit, try the banana bread or the cinnamon rolls. 

4. Buckeye Donuts 

A fan-favorite business amongst current Ohio State students, alumni, and locals, Buckeye Donuts has been open since 1969 and continues to happily serve customers still today. While this may not be someone’s first choice to study or go on a date, it is a wonderful place to stop and get your morning on-the-go coffee. The service is quick and the staff is wonderful. The employees love what they do and thoroughly enjoy interacting with customers. Anytime I am in there, I am greeted with a contagious smile and a welcoming “Hello!”.  Personally, I enjoy their regular black coffee, but their salted caramel coffee and double mocha coffees are just as good! Additionally, the donuts are incredible. Enjoying a fresh, handmade donut with coffee is all I could ever ask for. Starting my day with kindness from employees, black coffee, and an apple fritter in hand is the best feeling. Buckeye Donuts never fails to disappoint. 

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