How to Hustle: A College Student’s Guide to Making Money on the Side

By: Angelina Globokar I received my first paycheck when I was 15 years old. I was working my first job at McDonald’s and had just been handed a check of around $90. I remember staring at it in disbelief. In my 15-year-old brain, this meant I was rich. Over four years later, I am noContinue reading “How to Hustle: A College Student’s Guide to Making Money on the Side”

The best TV shows to unwind with after finals

By Gracie Krashoc With winter break approaching quickly, and COVID still impacting our community, some might wonder what they are going to fill their long days with. We should use this time to relax, and a great way to do that is curl up under the blankets with some hot chocolate watching a good TVContinue reading “The best TV shows to unwind with after finals”

The PR skill that goes beyond the workplace

By Megan Hurley PR professionals develop many skills throughout their work experience. From accurate storytelling to strong brand representation, we develop relationships that play an integral role in our careers. As I continue to move through my coursework in strategic communications and my involvement in The PRactice, I am realizing that the lessons learned areContinue reading “The PR skill that goes beyond the workplace”

Best Coffee Shops in Columbus

By Josie Wadlow Most morning routine’s include a cup of coffee. Most people cannot function without it. And if coffee is not a part of someone’s morning routine, then it is likely consumed at some point during the day.  As a college student, coffee is a part of my daily routine. I rely on coffeeContinue reading “Best Coffee Shops in Columbus”

Top 5 Restaurants in Columbus

 Madeleine Roman  As a person who absolutely loves all things food, I decided to share my take on the top 5 restaurants in Columbus. Yes, my picks are going to be the most popular restaurants around, but that just proves they are the best, right?  Northstar Café Starting out with a classic we have NorthstarContinue reading “Top 5 Restaurants in Columbus”

Industry FAQ answered by our professional advisor

We asked our professional advisor, Karen Bailey, to share her top tips and tricks for securing your dream job or internship, polishing your resume, and nailing your next interview. Looking for personal feedback? Make sure to attend Karen’s monthly office hours! What’s the best setting/work area (agency, corporate, etc.) to explore the Public Relations fieldContinue reading “Industry FAQ answered by our professional advisor”

Reasons why you should have a wide range of experience in communications

By Lexi Turner As communications professionals, we write, proofread, post to social media, edit photos, edit videos, send emails… and that’s only the start. The responsibilities may seem daunting at first, but the variation in tasks are what initially drew me to the field three years ago. Typically, a student asks themselves which of thoseContinue reading “Reasons why you should have a wide range of experience in communications”

How to stay productive and healthy despite the cold weather

By Gracie Krashoc             I’ll be the first one to admit that once the cold weather rolls around I struggle to get out of bed. Especially when the sky turns grey and the air gets brisk, we all find ourselves feeling lethargic and unmotivated. However, there is hope for getting through this upcoming cold weather. HereContinue reading “How to stay productive and healthy despite the cold weather”

Use your PR skills to help your community in 2020

By Sidney Rider View 2020 as an opportunity to support your community with your PR skills. The situation There is no shortage of challenges and uncertainties we face in 2020. This year affects everyone. The health of our community, racial inequality, struggling small businesses and a lack of job opportunities (including internships) took over the 2020Continue reading “Use your PR skills to help your community in 2020”